Scsi to usb converter mac

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RATOC Systems International,Inc : USB to Ultra SCSI Converter U2SCX

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I'm trying to find one that will interface my Triton Studio and G5 quad 2. I'm sure someone out there is using a scsi to usb adapter in osx for some reason, and i would appreciate their input immensely. My Studio.

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It works fine, but there's a definate bottleneck in the drive speed. Remember there are both FireWire and FW devices, each with unique connectors. More info is always good! Jun 5, AM. Jun 5, PM. Other World Computing is my first stop for odd Mac needs. I'd start here this link should return search results for "cables" :.

SCSI may be harder. What computer are you connecting to? At least with Apple, their progressive deprecation of what they consider legacy ports has made it hard to guess what ports are still available without knowing the sub-model. Jun 6, AM. Ditto on OWC. Question what type of connection is on the hard drive itself in the LaCie Porsche external drive? More Less. I hope this helps? Than you can use SoundDesigner or Alchemy or other older Progs. If you find a solution, please tell me.

So it is very slow for sample editing. For removing the EIII it is ok and this is what the new remote software does.

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But nobody has the protocol anymore. So there is no way to build a program for this on modern systems.

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