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I am pretty sure that I could print before the If I had the prior BillS1 , Feb 5, Maria Parallels , Feb 6, I do not understand your question since it is a Window printer. Now only a few appear, most never show up. Then if I resume that printer the queue is drained without all the print jobs appearing on my Mac. Something has changed in the latest update to cause this problem. BillS1 , Feb 6, Messages: 3. Printer not working any longer since Conflict with driver, how can I install driver , that was working with MichaelR18 , Feb 17, PaulChris Parallels , Feb 17, I'll continue to use it for now.

BillS1 , Feb 18, Still no luck with MichaelR18 , Feb 18, Swati Parallels , Feb 19, When i reinstall tools it keeps installing the latests driver that does not work, thanks.

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I print PDF with this technique every single day. Works for me to print to PDF from anywhere. Read the instructions. I typed something on microsoft word online and to print it says to print as pdf so I do that, but it just opens another web browser and just shows the document no print button. What do I do? Hi, This new save as pdf with password is not good. Save without password, and it will print fine.

How to Print to PDF in Mac OS X

But, if I save it as pdf with password, I can open it with that password, and view it fine, but if i try to print it, it just hangs forever in the printer que. Any ideas? I have a completed application form on file with the state. Nothing I do will allow me to save it or convert it into PDF. It can only be printed. How can I do this without purchasing Acrobat for one document? It seems Adobe 11 has screwed Apple users.

And yet, you can double-click the job in the queue, and QuickLook will show you the file, making me think it exists in a cache somewhere as a. PDF file.

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Anyone know where CUPS stores these jobs? They desperately need some competition! I usually save Indesign documents by exporting which gives an option to save as a pdf.

The only thing that has been changed recently is that I installed a second printer on my computer this weekend. I tried the above suggestions but it still does not print when document is saved. The page I try to print is blank. Am I missing a download step? Essentially that means if you can print the document, you can probably password protect it as […]. But it cannot be saved. A virtual pdf printer you do it. Any idea?

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The author is automatically set as the user name that you are logged in as in Mac OS X, you can change that either in general OS X settings or if you have a PDF editor you could change authorship there. Not a very useful feature or I may not know how to use it properly. If the document has a scroll bar only the part visible gets saved. I use save as pdf a lot, but it always enlarges the file size. Instead I would want to decrease file size when printing to pdf. Here is how to use the Print Booklet.. Acrobat Distiller will convert the bookleted postscript file.

Scott Scott k 16 16 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. It worked, thanks so much!

How to create PDF files from your Mac's printer menu

And with amazing screenshots too! Jun 29 '12 at Another small trick - if you do not select "Device Independent" and rather select one of your available printers, the orientation options should become available then. I selected a printer with driver that I'm printing to when doing this. This allows you to define page sizes including custom page sizes, for when you want to make an A1 size kids book : Hopefully Adobe realises that the print industry still needs to use PPD and starts making them again for Acrobat Nathan Nathan 21 1 1 bronze badge.

Would be ideal if it did Jeremy Skoot Jeremy Skoot 49 1 1 bronze badge.

Print PDFs and images in Preview on Mac

This answer supposes the PDF came from somewhere else. The question, however, clearly states it was already made in InDesign. Stephen Carlsen Stephen Carlsen 1. Welcome to GD!! Your answer could be greatly improved if you actually named the plug-ins and even linked to them.