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The next step of course is to wake up a computer over the Internet to gain access to files or computing power at home. There are even websites that will do this for you, such as remotewakeup. However, this often doesn't work. The problem is that when the computer sleeps, there is no network stack to keep track of an IP address and reply to ARP packets. So in order to make the Ethernet card see the magic packet, this packet has to be a broadcast. However, on many home routers you can add a port mapping that allows the wake on LAN packets through without security issues.

What you need to do is set up a port mapping for a UDP port of your choice 9, the "discard" service is a good one towards the IP broadcast address on your LAN. If you have a subnet mask equal to If you can do WoL from remote network with Splashtop v1, you should be able to do it with Splashtop v2 too. However, the steps are different from v1, please check section III in this article to add a public IP address for your computer, then try to trigger it with steps in section II.

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For your another issue, login Splashtop account on Streamer will prevent it from staying in Sleep mode. We still can't see what reason will cause this issue. Could you share us your SPLog. Please try some other options to see if there's any difference too. If I check "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby" in addition to checking "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" on the LAN network adapter card settings, the computer will remain in Standby mode while the computer is also signed into the Splashtop Account.

Splashtop will Wake the computer from local network, however, it will not Wake the computer from remote network. From remote network the computer icon is greyed out and pressing wake the computer does not work either. If the "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby" is unchecked and NOT signed into Splastop Account the computer will remain in Standby mode. All other settings, e. With Splastop 1, I left the setting unchecked and was not signed into gmail account which allowed the computer to stay in standby mode and with this configuration was able to access the computer from remote network.

I attempted to attach a file, but it was extremely slow.

Wake up sleeping Macs on your LAN and maybe even across the Internet.

I could email them if you let me know where to send them. In XP, when you check "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby", the computer will be waked up after an unexpected period should be a known limitation of XP, please read the "description" beneath this option. It doesn't matter with Splashtop app. Port forwarding is the key to wake up your pc from remote network, there's a way to verify if you have correctly setting up the ports forwarding:.

If you can't see the 'satellite' on Streamer on ipad, it means you have correctly setting up the ports forwarding. In our internal test, no matter "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby" checked or unchecked, XP will be easily waked up from Standby mode by unknown reasons frequently. In your environment ,if the "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby" is unchecked and NOT signed into Splastop Account the computer will remain in Standby mode. And it will awaken as soon as Splashtop is started from remote network, please add another step after pc awaken:.

With the PC alive not in standby , connecting to the PC from remote network on the iPad, the computer icon was colored, had NO "satellite", and was able to connect to the PC.

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Sorry, Splashtop 2 for Android tablet doesn't support manually add IP, but you can do it in Splashtop v1 app. I understand now about local mode and what you instructed works and I now have the ability to wake and have access to the computer which is not signed into Splashtop account from a remote network with that extra step, HURRAY! Since upgrading, I have to walk over to my Mac, wake it up and connect via my ipad once my computer is awake. I am also no longer able to connect via remote network.

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The gmail feature use to enable me to connect via remote. My computer is NOT directly connected to my router nor is it possible to have it connect to my router due to the router being in a different room. It does not make sense how I was able to wake up my computer using Splashtop 1 when my Mac wasn't connected via ethernet to my router. Thus far, I haven't seen any improvements with Splashtop 2. Please advise on how to wake up my Mac while on my home network. And yes, I checked my energy settings. I am using Mountain Lion. Thank you. Oh, I forgot to add that I have the access anywhere pack due to purchasing Splashtop when it first came out:.

This dark wake state would prevent the Splashtop streamer from loading, hence, t he "Wake Up this Computer" would not wake up my iMac to a state that allows Splashtop Streamer to run. Found the following from this link about "Dark Wake":. With the latest update to Lion, and with all versions of Mountain Lion, when Mac OS wakes up from sleep through network activity, it enters a state called "dark wake". If a connection is made to Screen Sharing, it is highly likely that it will result in Screen Sharing ending up in a corrupt state where it just gets stuck. King Manuel ,. Thanks for this great sharing.

It would be very helpful to our users who need WoL feature on Mac. I followed these instructions to setup WOL on my Nexus 7 and windows 7 laptop. I can power up the laptop when it is connected to the router via the ethernet card and the nexus is connected wirelessly to the same home network.

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But when I am on a remote network on the nexus I can not wake up the laptop still connected to the router via ethernet cable. What am I missing? I am confused. Is this pack downloadable? Is it setup already? However, Splashtop 2 for Android app currently has an issue on remote WoL case, our engineering is working on fixing it, please wait for our update.

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For AAP, it's a service with subscription model and nothing needs to be downloaded, it should be already activated on your Splashtop account. Try to connect from a different network can prove it. It'd be really nice if that was at the top. Like, before you read the entire page about how to do it. KesslerPeak KesslerPeak 5 5 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. Note: The IP address argument is tricky and isn't what you'd think.

I read somewhere, that it will only wake your mac from sleep, and not when it completely powered off. My broadcast-address isn't as clear as your example shows, so I used this site to determine: remotemonitoringsystems. Can this be used to wake a computer up from shutdown? It doesn't seem so. Is it possible to WOL a computer from cold boot by sending the magic packet? Apple Remote Desktop can already wake a computer up from sleep. MarkTomlin You asked for command line command, this is the correct answer. For easy access you could make this script executable and add it to some directory in your path.

Petersen J. Petersen 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. I like this solution with no installation required!

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