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Method 2: Mount .dmg file from Mac OS Terminal

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Mount and Unmount Disks in OSX Terminal

They should have identical effect. If the disk image has passed the checksum check, there will be an extended attribute of type com. The other common error with disk images is that, although their checksums match, the file system within the virtual volume is damaged, and cannot be mounted. File systems are not routinely checked in all disk images, only those which have a quarantine flag attached and have not already passed an fsck check are put through the process. When it does, it then adds an extended attribute of type com.

You can force macOS to bypass the fsck step using a command in Terminal of the form hdiutil attach filename.

How to Mount an .IMG on a Mac | It Still Works

Any failure at this step might still allow you to install an app, but for it to undergo app translocation. If not, and macOS barfs at any attempt to use the disk image, there is nothing that you can do with that disk image; you will need to obtain a new one with a correct signature or none at all.

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A common suggestion which appears repeatedly is to remove extended attributes from the disk image. Although this might have worked in the past, it will not solve the problem in recent versions of macOS. However, if you want to try it, you can do this using xattred from Downloads above or in Terminal with a command like xattr -d com. These remove the fsck xattr and the checksum xattr respectively.