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The intel power gadget shows the cpu is at about While this temperature seems normal, the keyboard does feel very uncomfortable comparing to my old MacBook Pro. In that case I turn on the fans at max RPM and it cools down to maybe It does get quite loud but I prefer it to messing up the CPU because of high temp. The app I use for that is SMC Fan Control and it lives in your menu bar so it's not a nuisance to turn on when you're working with a demanding application.

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Thanks for the suggestion of turning on the fans. I guess part of the heat comes from the GPU working when I connect it to the monitor. I did some googling, couldn't really find good answers. I have an 8-core Nehalem Mac Pro 2 x 2. Been running compressor all night, 8 more hours to go. How hot is too hot for these CPUs? I'm in a 68degree F room.

Is this all normal or should I be concerned? Just curious what your experiences are when processing. Regards, Chris. Those temperatures are not anywhere near a problem. And the fan running at about rpm is doing what the fan is supposed to do Now, this does potentially raise a flag.

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My Retina Macbook Pro is just above idle and the fans are at about rpm with a temperature in the mid 50s deg C. So, if the temperature is 50 deg C aka deg F and the fans are at around rpm, then something odd seems to be going on. And that odd thing might be that the original poster is using iStat to control the fans.

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The first item listed in the picture contains the pictures is "Active Set" and it is set to "High". This means that iStat Menus' Fan Rules option is set to the "High" program which will run the fans at about rpm at least that is how the default High program is set on my installation if iStat Menus. If the original poster goes into the iStat Menus settings, then to the Sensors section and edits the Fan Rules to run "default" mode And the fans speeds should go back down to a reasonable rpm or so. So, I would suspect that there are no temperature issues at all and the fans will get more "normal" if what I advise in the previous paragraph is done.

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And then there should be no need to open up the Macbook Pro and clean If the original poster does want to open up the Macbook Pro, then this is the correct iFixit guide. The one that Trikein linked to is for the late version, not the mid version. It probably does not matter as they are more than likely almost identical if not completely identical, but to be on the safe side, if opening up the Macbook Pro, it would be best to use the correct guide just in case there are differences.

As to running hot, that is fairly normal for Macbook Pros. Apple mainly uses passive cooling, which means heat is radiated to the metal case to then be dissipated by air flow around the case.

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There is, however, some active cooling by way of the fans and small vents at the back of the case. The result is that Macbook Pros can get warm to the touch. The first generation Intel Macbook Pros were notorious for actually get hot to the touch and even burning a few people.

You generally did not want to put those original 15" Macbook Pros on your bare legs if you used them in your lap I had one Generally, today's Macbook Pros will get warm, but should not get hot like the original version did. As to running slow, the original poster might need to elaborate on what they mean by that.

From the information provided about the temperatures, there should be no issues related to temperature and likely no need to clean it If so, then any slowness would be likely related to software or network issues, not necessarily hardware unless the original poster is opening a crap ton of browser windows, in which case 4 GB of RAM might result in some slowness.

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