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OpenEmu is a great emulator. My experience with this has been great thus far. I am encountering a problem though. There are some mods for Ocarina of Time I would like to play.

PS1 Emulator for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

During that time, the idea of Nintendo is very far-fetched because no one ever thought that games can be played using gestures of the players. Fix one of the most common problems with your Playstation PS Some games are abandonware and the ROMs can be used freely, while others are still subject to licensing agreements and thus the ROM must only be a backup of the original hardware game, and others may not allow for ROM creation at all.

Thanks for the tip, I got the PS3 controller on Christmas and was kinda disappointed because I had to jump through lot of hoops to make old games work with it. I had to use gamepad-to-keyboard emulators, setup the layouts etc. Enjoy2 is another alternative, little worse GUI but worked a lot better.

Best Mac emulators guide: Apple II emulation on macOS

But this emulator bundle makes the whole experience so much better. No setup, just drag, drop, and play. I am happy about getting the controller again.

Ps2 Emulator Mac Roms

I have an easier solution for your ps3 controller. You can connect it using bluetooth and all it takes is about 5 seconds. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

The Best Game Console Emulators on Mac OS

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Grazyna says:. September 28, at am. Pat says:.

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December 28, at pm. Steve says:. Download v1. AtariMacX Visit Homepage. AtariMacX features a fully native Cocoa interface, full screen mode, gamepad support and save state support. Download v4. Rainbow Visit Homepage. Mugrat Visit Homepage. Download v0.

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  8. Nestopia Visit Homepage. Nestopia is an advanced cycle accurate emulator with very high compatibility. A Mhz G4 processor is the minimum needed to run Nestopia at full speed. Mupen64 Visit Homepage. Input is only supported via the keyboard and cannot be re-mapped.

    Top 15 Gaming Emulators for Mac Computers

    Compatibility and speed are good. Compatibility is fair and a late-generation G4 or Intel Mac is recommended for the best performance. O2Em Visit Homepage. O2em supports most of the Odyssey2 software library. Generator Visit Homepage. Genesis Plus Visit Homepage. Speed and compatibility are great. Kega Fusion Visit Homepage. Kega Fusion also comes complete with all of the common features. Yabause Visit Homepage. Yabause is a multi-platform Sega Saturn emulator developed by the Yabause Team.

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    Sega Saturn emulation is still early in development and as such, compatibility will be hit-or-miss on most titles. Download Test 3 for OS X The accuracy core is quite slow and intended only for development. Casual users are advised to use the compatiblity core.