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What Is Voice Dictation Software?

According to Speechmatics, the addition of machine learning provides high accuracy levels for several use cases. It also offers free trials for up to 60 minutes of audio. DNS integrates its voice commands and editing features together to ensure the text is provided just as the user delivers the speech, with specific punctuation and formatting options inserted upon command by the speaker.

The newest version of the software, DNS 13, is available in home, premium and professional editions, with the latter allowing users to import and export custom word lists to add any specific words and acronyms that may not already be in the vocabulary. However, if your sound quality isn't clear, you can also slow the text down and read it aloud, and the software will capture what you're saying - for a range of languages.

As a last resort, you can use the application to support manual transcribing, by playing the sound file within the software and employing a number of useful controls to streamline the process. The full package offers automatic real-time transcription for seven languages, even for lower quality audio with powerful speech recognition technology. You can customise the service to recognise particular product or peoples names, for example.

This software is designed to be adaptable and scalable for many different use cases spanning from real-time transcription from a microphone to analysing thousands of recordings from your business's call centre. Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition service which is powered by deep learning. It is best suited for developers that may want to add speech-to-text to their apps. It can also be used to transcribe audio and video files, including a detailed transcript of customer service calls.

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This makes it a good choice for businesses that may need to transcribe client meetings. The built-in API is simple to use and provides a quick transfer of transcripts from files stored in Amazon S3. It also includes a timestamp for each word, as well as the opportunity to customise vocabulary to add any new words or acronyms that may not be in there already. Temi uses automated software to provide a detailed speech to text transcription in five minutes. The app allows users to make recordings, edit and share them with the ability to order transcripts.

This includes custom timestamps, speaker identification and the opportunity to export transcripts to MS Word and other formats directly from the app. Temi also delivers transcripts directly to the user's email. The speech to text feature allows users to dictate text within documents and email messages.


Express Scribe Transcription Software

The accuracy of WSR is best with good-quality audio. As it is automatically built into the Windows OS, there is no additional price to access the speech recognition software. However, compared to other speech to text platforms, WSR users will need to select a 'play audible feedback' option after the transcribed text is selected to ensure accuracy.

As long as users have a microphone installed, SoundWriter can be used to write all Google Doc files in any language. It also includes custom configuration, which provides the opportunity to add words as commands, as well as any specific characters and punctuation styles. Although the addon only works with the Google Chrome browser, SoundWriter can be a good option for regular users of Google Docs.

It also has voice typing integrated and is available for free download. Google Docs Voice Typing provides web-based dictation and speech recognition for Google Docs users, particularly for those that may only require the speech to text feature across their Google Suite platform.

Apple Dictation and Speech Recognition Software For OSX

It can be accessed in 43 different languages for voice typing, but voice commands are only available in English. It is free to install to the Google Chrome web browser. It is easy to use as clicking on the microphone icon controls start and stop of dictation and all delivered speech is transcribed directly as you speak. So, it is a good option for instant transcription of client meetings and recordings.

With the added commands, Google Docs Voice Typing follows instant instructions to delete or edit text as it is commanded. Trint is speech to text transcription software which provides automatic transcripts of audio and video files using artificial intelligence. Users can access a quick search and edit feature that is embedded into the software to ensure detailed accuracy. The software also makes it easy to share and collaborate transcribed content, so a good choice if working in a team.

It is available in 12 languages, plus three English accents. Here are the latest Insider stories.

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Mobile Tech. Digital Downloads. Best Places to Work. Resource Library. Computer Dictation Apps For Mac. With both no cost and commercial Mac dictation software available you can try it out and see how it fits into your workflow - then decide if advanced command and control functionality is worth investing in and adding to your OSX productivity application arsenal.


Apple's OSX Dictation Services The free voice recognition software built into Apple's operating system is a great way to explore speech to text functionality on your Macintosh at no expense. With the incorporation of Siri, now in recent MacOS Mojave and Sierra, a suprisingly capable set of core dictation and recognition functions are available to any Mac user.

Enhanced Apple Recognition Initially, Apple's Dictation Services were online only: A live internet connection was required to access it's online vocabulary and translation databases. It also made Mac speech to text translation much faster. Before, your voice signal pattern was limited to 30 max seconds of spoken word, transmitted up to Apple's servers, interpreted, and then returned to your application window as text after a slight delay.