Horrible mac experience on tape

But as the iPhone has led the pack in camera optics and technology in a small package, none of that love has made it back to the Mac. It gets even more embarrassing when you look at the Tech Specs for the iPhone X versus today's iMac under the Camera category. And yes, I hear you But Face ID?

That's a perfect fit. In addition to having better optics, the sensors are better, which allow for more light at lower ISO levels. In other words, it would work better in low-light situations and have a less grainy feel overall.

Apple Needs Better FaceTime Cameras for the Mac

Think of what this would do to FaceTime on the Mac. These experiences get notably better with better quality cameras. People always comment on the quality of the picture. Remember back in the day when Apple was bold enough to put the Apple logo "upside down" on their laptops?

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A little kid for Christ's sake, a little kid in freaking twinkle toes at that. So I asked her what she said because I was absolutely shocked. She said it again, but slower and meaner.

An ode to Apple’s awful MacBook keyboard – TechCrunch

So in the nastiest tone I could muster at that age I called her disgusting and walked out to get my mom. When my mom and I walked back in, with my dad trailing awkwardly behind I tried looking for the girl but didn't see her. So we went to the counter and asked for a manager and got her.

And this manager was the sweetest person ever, apologized to us after we explained and even gave me a hug saying she would deal with it.

The new Mac Pro has finally been revealed. Is it powerful enough to get us to switch back to Mac?

So I know it wasn't the entire store, just that one chick. A few days later on the last days of our vacation, my mom went in to buy some lipsticks to take back home.

When my mom asked to see the racist girl, we were told she didn't work there anymore. Not a single associate even acknowledged my existence.

My Horrible Experience at Mac!

So I just started browsing the lipsticks. The MAC employee who was helping me, was really nice at first.

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  8. I picked out about three things, and she was putting them on my face and talking me through the products.