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ZZ: Save and Quit. ZQ: Quit. Non text edit commands zi: Zoom in. You can use Vi style navigation on any applications when "Complete Vi Mode" is on. Turn on a setting below, and toggle "Complete Vi Mode". It is a list of the operation. Push S and D keys simultaneously and keep them pressing.

You need to press S key before D key. You need to press keys in the order S,D,F. Set "notsave. This makes it easy to use Expose. You can do Expose by an alphabet key instead of F3 key. Usage: Enable launcher mode by O key. Remember as "O"pen apps. And you can open other apps by similar way. See what fits you and change it when you get used to asetniop typing. Chords This enables the chords of the qwert-uiop keys. Qwer-uiop-to-aset-niop This does exactly what it says, it makes the top row of letters into the asetniop keyboard.

This also changes the t,y, f,g,h and j keys into some missing interpunction signs for easy reaching. Cmd to Shift This changes around a few of the functional keys on the left side of your keyboard. Cmd to C This is here purely for practicing with the asetniop web version. Use numpad in order to enter numbers. Change 1 to! Change command keys to lazy modifiers. Change command keys to lazy command keys.

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Prevent unintended windows menu popup if you changed command-letters to control-letters. Disable Close Tab shortcut command-w on Google Calendar.

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu Items of Receiver for Mac

Disable Close Tab shortcut command-w on Google Translate. Change command key to control key in Remote Desktop.

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Works well with CoRD. Enable at only Dictionary Do not let Dictionary. This mode is designed for Quicksilver. Double Control to Quicksilver Mode It is useful to set the double press recognition threshold to ms. Change command-c to command-shift-c. Launch DigitalColor Meter by holding equal key.

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Enable at only VNC Change the left command key to the left control key. Change the right command key to the right control key. Change the left control key to the left command key. Change the right control key to the right command key. F10 Enable at only Skim Fix Skim. Enable at only Twitter. If keyboard use has been crippling your hands, this may be useful to you. The mappings are statistically organized based on standard English, and makes liberal use of chords to implement common English words.

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Note that this is rotated from conventional mappings to move the wrists into an approximately straight alignment, optimal to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and that the pinky has no key they are not generally used. Holding down E and pressing O, noted as E-O, generates "the". The reverse, O-E generates "it".

EF, and a key, e. J, is pressed less common characters and sequences are generated, i. Pairs of pairs, e. This setting flips only pointer and scroll. So, gestures do not work properly.

Windows shortcuts for Mac

Please disable gestures from System Preferences. Some Logitech keyboards sends same modifier events twice when you pressed modifier keys. Karabiner counts them and changes only the first event. That causes extra modifiers will be added into the changed keys. For example: "Change control-D to delete" setting should send "delete" key event when you press control-D. But "control-delete" key event will be sent with some Logitech keyboards. This setting solves this issue. F12 keys to F Change BS key to backquote. Change input source temporary Change input source to Greek while you are holding down right option key.

Change input source to Unicode Hex Input while you are holding down right option key. If the key is supposed to be typed with the right hand and requires a modifier use left shift or left option, vice versa for the left hand. With this in mind, option left or option right are used as AltGr. This setting allows you to toggle input source by caps lock key by using Seil together. Set caps lock key code to 80 in Seil.

Citrix: Download and Installation on Mac

DvorakJP UpDown. Dvorak HomeMoved. DvorakJP HomeMoved. Change letters to numbers when right command key is pressed in Lithuanian input source. AfterKeyUp with ModifierFlag conditional pattern matching. The settings labeled "skipped" will be ignored. Change button4 to shift. Send space if you press only "a" key. With begin.. Send "def" if you press only "a" key. Change the right shift key to control-f. Change "s" key "abc". Send space key event if right shift key is pressed alone.

Send space key event if option-a is pressed alone. Note: "escape down, right shift down, escape up, right shift up" sends tab,shift. For example, "change shift x2 to return" sends shift,shift,return when you press shift key twice. You have to press these keys quickly. DropAllKeys Drop all key combinations while the right option key is pressed. With "change S to left shift key". Drop all keys while the right option key is pressed.

Drop all consumer keys while the right option key is pressed. Drop all pointing buttons while the right option key is pressed. Rotate ScrollWheel when option key is pressed. Limitation 1: This option strips modifiers from a sending key. Limitation 2: This option does not send multiple keys.

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Only the first key will be sent. The jkl keys will be changed to when numlock is on. Toggle NumLock by fn-escape. Change the right option key to the Launchpad key on Google Chrome except Gmail. Change the right shift key to the delete key when editing text on Finder. Change right option key to middle click in Apple devices when Trackman Marble is not connected.