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Mac vs PC for Music Production: Which is best for your Studio?

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Mac vs PC for Music Production: Which is best for your Studio?

I know I heard a few gasps here, but here I go. PC vs Mac.

How did I say either of these words in the same sentence without bursting into flames? Cue the eerie sounds.

Mac Vs PC for Audio Production:- 2017 Update

Seriously this is a topic that has gone on for far too long. Remember a computer regardless of PC or Mac, they are tools, machines if you will to get a job done.

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To make a song to have some fun to create something that you want to sell or use for your own appreciation. Again these are tools, giving you the ability to get the audio, the final product out to your customer who are paying for it.

Do I choose Mac or PC for music making?

Anybody who wants to make an argument that Mac is better than PC. Or that PC is better than Mac is unfortunately an idiot. So let me explain a few differences to you as this may help you make a better choice. Be it good or bad. It goes without saying we use PC here.

Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?

So once upon the time Mac used to rule the roost when it came to audio. It had Fire wire some interfaces were Fire wire.

Just being honest. At the end of the day there are really two things that matter.

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Today Mac besides notebooks or Mac Book Air you are pretty limited to what devices you can connect up to that. Not to mention that notebooks are pretty limited as to what you can do.

What are we looking for?

Limited hard drive, limited memory, so that it a portable option if you need to do something. Yes, you are still limited to CPU, memory and the like. This is not a permanent solution and should not be considered to be a permanent solution. Mac used to make the Mac Pro, which was truly a great machine.

To us Apples market is very clear.