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The session will cover the modeling of a perfume flacon and its preparation for a rendering, using basic tools to model the main parts and more advanced tools such as Rhino History or Explicit History Beta Version of Grasshopper for Mac for freeform details.

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Also, you will learn how to add a logo to your design without using decals. The goal is to complete the 3D model and have it ready for rendering.

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Requirements: Basic knowledge of the software and its main tools. No headset or microphone is needed to attend.

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Files used can be found at link from November 29, : drive. Please note that these requirements are different from those listed by McNeel.

Our suggestions represent practical recommendations for professional users and are based on new Apple hardware specifications available at the time of writing. Having spoken to a good number of Rhino for Mac users, many of whom were using underpowered hardware with disappointing results, we decided to create a matrix of the current Mac products that are most suited to the more demanding Rhino for Mac user.

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The four hardware variables that we are commonly asked about and that have the most effect on performance are:. For new Apple machines the above choices are somewhat limited by the fact that Mac notebook and desktop machines are pre-configured with limited options and, in some cases, not upgradeable.

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On some machines the base RAM specification is 8GB and we strongly recommend upgrading to 16GB — note that if you are looking for a As well as operating hardware, the way in which Rhino models are built and large files referenced can make a huge difference on the speed and efficiency of working with Rhino and its associated plug-ins. The main specification value that affects CPU performance is the combination of processor clock speed and the number of processor cores — so, for example, a 4GHz six core processor will be faster than a 4GHz four core processor.

Some complex modelling calculations are linear and do not lend themselves well to multi-threading i.

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Apple has been using Intel processors since around and there will be three Intel processor families of interest to Rhino users. The latest processors from Intel feature 'Turbo Boost' dynamic over-clocking meaning that when the CPU senses a maximum load it increases the processor clock speed.


The i7 and Xeon processors also feature Hyperthreading; this a process where the number of physical processor cores is effectively doubled so that, a quad-core processor has eight logical processors. If you have an existing Mac then our suggested minimum processor specification would be an Intel i5 Dual Core 2.