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Plex can play large video files that are split up and packed into archives—such as RAR or ZIP files you might download from Usenet—without requiring that you extract them first. Plex has some handy informational widgets—a news ticker, a weather forecast, and system information—built in.

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Plex is more customizable than Front Row: you can add plug-in scripts to get features like YouTube integration, and install a custom skin to update its look-and-feel. Its handling of photos from iPhoto is less than smooth. The software does not run on PowerPC models or on Tiger. You can use Plex either at your desk with a mouse and keyboard, or on a Mac-connected TV.

Plex can stream media from any other Mac or Windows PC on your home network, so the video files themselves can reside on any shared drive in the house. But the Mac running the Plex software itself still needs to be connected to the TV.

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And if you want to control Plex remotely from the couch, that Mac will have to be in the line of sight from your seat; next to the television is the best spot. Mount the Plex disk image, and then drag and drop Plex into your Applications folder. To get started, you need to tell Plex where to find your media files. The program maintains a list of Videos, Pictures, and Music sources—paths to folders located on an internal or external hard drive or on the local network. Some of my favorite tools simply no longer work, and as a developer this makes me nervous when considering switching to the latest and greatest.

This comes with challenges though, since Apple, in their infinite wisdom, does not simply provide macOS install media eg. We have to create our own. Not a big deal, just a lot of work. For this I wanted to use Ajax calls to retrieve data. Reading up on WordPress and using Ajax , I found it difficult to find a complete and working example.

So, once I figured it all out, and got it to work, I decided to dedicate a short article on a quick and easy working example on how to get started with Ajax in WordPress by using PHP , JavaScript and jQuery.

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As a hobby developer, when testing dark theme vs light theme under MacOS X, I have those moments where I have to switch back and forth between both themes quite often. If however the Light Theme is active, it switches to Dark Theme.

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The application is super simple, and has no interface. Just start the App and it changes theme and then closes itself. Normally, this App would just sit in your Applications directory, with the optional shortcut in your Dock or even on the Touch Bar if your Mac has one. Initially intended for Raspberry Pi users, this tool can be used for plenty other applications as well. ApplePi-Baker supports a nice list of compression formats. For making backups: 7Zip, tbz, tgz, tlz, txz and Zip. Besides supporting compression, ApplePi-Baker can also resize a Linux partition to make it fit on your target disk depending on the amount of used data in the partition of course or minimize your backup to what is really used on the disk.

Note: Resizing only works for regular MBR disks with a standard partition table. After some major changes in ApplePi-Baker 2.

A great way to reduce XBMC's high idle CPU usage - HOWTO: Enable dirty regions

If you run into any issues, bug, or errors using ApplePi-Baker, then please report these with the original article as well. This update can only shrink or expand Linux partitions on a MBR partitioned disks very common format used for the Raspberry Pi. This will result in a much more compact IMG file, and offers a restore to a device of a different capacity.

On Restore, this same option will expand that Linux partition to the maximum available size on the target disk.

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Obviously, the target device needs to be able to accommodate at least the minimum size of the IMG file. Not only that, version 2. You can find the latest version of ApplePi-Baker in the original article please place comments there. Users do not just use ApplePi-Baker for this purpose anymore — I have seen users use it for backup and restore of pretty much anything not Raspberry Pi related.

Late , I created ApplePi-Baker for my own use — I just got tired of looking up the proper command-line statements. Over time, the use of command-line tools came with some problems; thanks Apple for changing command-line tool output with every new version of macOS. Do you prefer using keyboard shortcuts to using a remote? Have you configured your own Kodi keyboard shortcuts? Please share your configurations, tips, and thoughts in general in the comments below!

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