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I think they may be talking about people who upgraded from, say, Windows 98 to Windows XP. I have the same problem as some people above.. I had updated my NW-A on a different computer with SonicStage, and after that I got the messages: Please connect compliant software when i wanted to see my favorites , time machine shuffle etc. Does someone know how to fix it, please let me know!

Oh no, there's been an error

I bought a NW-A and it was messing up so i unistalled it, i lost the cd so cant transfer any music onto me mp3 player, iv tried to install the sonicstage software but when i am installing it half way through the instalation it stops and says it has succesfully installed when it hasnt, so if i click finish it just cancels the instalation. So i cant install sonicstage or use connect player. Need to add songs to me mp3 player getting bored.

Can anyone help or give advice if so reply back or email me on sharifian2 hotmail. But am i the only person who seems to have had this happen to them? Have the same problem like you!!! And dont know what to do now — think we have to wait for a 3. This player is even worse than Ipod. And its not even my mp3 player, its my mates. He uses winME so asked me upload all track for him.

And what an experience its been. The unit then switches off. If I do not run or just walk and leave the unit still, it plays without any problems?


I have upgraded to the latest firmware v3. Anyone have any ideas before I take it back to Sony? Usual shite. The PC locked up, after I closed Connect it told me that it was still open, blah de blah de blah. Six months and still nothing new. OK — some progress. This technology just seems to suck up your time. Downloaded the latest SonicStage v. About 2 mins per CD — gotta be a record for this setup.

Happier now, only 6 months after purchase. I went in search of answers in Jan this year and Sony put me onto Sonicstage. Are sony guilty of creating some rubbish software????? So how do we get this sonicstage shizz??? DO you have to call up the people? Connect player is raaaabbish.

Do you have to call up the people? I expect the batteries to wear down, otherwise I may resort to resetting it and seeing what that does. Finally managed to get some songs on by removing connect and installing an earlier version, same with the firmware.

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Genius Sony! I have just installed sonicstage v4 and now having problems getting my NW-HD3 player to connect to the damn software each time I try and connect I keep getting the following error: The connected ATRAC Audio Device cannot be used with the currently installed sonicstage. What is so annoying is the previous version was working properly before I installed this rubbish.

I have tried to initialize the hard disk but because it would delete all my music files, I am not willing to take that risk. Does anyone know where I can get sonicstage v3. This is the last time I will be upgrading to any future releases of sonicstage. Hi frns Can anyone suggest me that how to do factory settings means delete everything including floders? Hi,I need help desperately. The harddisk on my A was accidentally initialized by a friend who was messing around with my player.

I have lost my Connect Player cd. I am in Africa Zimbabwe at the moment and there is no Sony agent here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Worked perfectly. Loaded music on to it. Hunky Dory. But… Now… No go. Error like other dudes on here… But can see hard disk contents using explorer so I know my PC is talking to the damn thing… If anyone has any helpful suggestions it would be appreciated.. This despite upgrading the firmware on the device to 3.

The only way to resolve this problem is to transfer all songs via SonicStage CP again from scratch Sony tell me. The shop cannot refuse to refund you under your consumer rights. Sony really got this off to deplorable start but there is no reason people who buy the player now and use SSCP need tear out a single hair anymore than with any other player.

I have deleted all the tracks in my library in sonicstage, but yet, it still appears that i onl have 9. Eventually decided to delete all tracks from the player, unintall and reinstall SonicSatge and reload all tracks, but still the same message. In desperation to try and get this player to work I inadvertantly deleted some files here. I cannot believe how awful this software is considering it comes from such a reputable company as Sony. I feel very lucky that Sonic Stage seems to work OK for me, although it is an awkward program. I bought it a few weeks ago in Dubai and it only ships with Sonic Stage no Connect The problem that I have seems to not have been mentioned anywhere here.

I find that the volume level from the NW is very low. It will barely push good headphones, even at top volume My CD walkman will go all the way to deafening with the same headphones. Any thoughts?

Sony advises: Do not use Sony Connect software, music application causes ‘major problems’

The volume limiter is not on. Delighted to have found this site. The sony AW I got last christmas has helped me fall in love with music again, I use it everydays sometimes for hours and it sounds very good. However having now filled it up using Sonic Stage I am ever more frustrated with the connect software. Does anyone know if it is worth trying to upload from the Walkman to Connect. And if so is there a way to automatically upload all tracks from the Walkman to the Connect Library? Can I create playlists using Sonic Stage? Can I create playlist on the Walkman itself?

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Someone, anyone RSVP. Sony Connect software is garbage and unacebtable. It gives me greif all the time and now continually shuts down saying it has occurred an error.

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It was difficult to install at the start and basically I wish I hadnt bought the NWA even though the player is ok. It is totally and completley dead.

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  • I have got the NW-A Use the very latest beta Windows Media Player and it works great transferring all audio files over to and from windows. Much better then the sony connect software. Can anyone help at all? I keep getting that blasted error message: — portable device failed to initialize and cannot be used. I got exactly the same error code and message. Took it back to shop today and have another one. Dont know yet whether it will work or not but I thought Sony were supposed to be one of the best companies????? There seems to be no way around it!!!

    Dear fred! There are alot of helpful people there. I have an a and the database died on it tonight, I only had 8gb on there so not the end of the world, I have sonic stage 4 and turned the intelligent functions off on options, stopped auto transfers, formatted the device, re-installed the latest firmware and just added about 15gb onto it, I am happy with it, have lost the intelligent features I will never lost.