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My travelling sound man Yakitori Santar helped me track it and put it together as well. It was raining a lot in Los Angeles while we were recording, you can hear it tapping on the windows of the garage here and there if you listen closely. Add these classic sounds to the more esoteric offerings the simmering funk of 'Choo Choo' or the minimalist lolloping groove of 'Nobody' for example and you have the most rounded and satisfying offering yet. Captured Tracks have the album you've all been waiting for. Mac Demarco's 'This Old Dog' is finally upon us and for long-term fans or new listeners alike, it's a treat.

Starting with the warming tribute, 'My Old Man' which begins rich with woody CR78 percussion and sumptuous acoustic guitar, soon to break into Demarco's unmistakeable vocal drawl.

As the chorus grows from the tapestry of sound, the warmth of the reticent synth swells surrounds the stero image in a comforting blanket of organic haze. It's indicative of Demarco's earlier work, but more confidently approached, brilliantly minimal still but undeniably rich in it's simplicity. Speaking of transformations, Mac seems to undergo a tranformation himself from shuffled syncopator into sleazy lounge singer in the oozingly laid-back 80's synth sizzle of 'For The First Time'.

Decending digital pads and simmering DX7 tines coalesce into a melting-pot of reverb and polyester garments. There are pieces here like 'Sister' that really display the no-frills talent that has endeared us all to him for so long, comprising of hazy pitch-shifted guitar sitting right back in the mix while heartbreaking lyrics swim ever so briefly around the wistful plucking.

And so it continues, from warm and full-bodied to cold and reticent, there isn't a bad moment here, only different emotions conveyed through a variety of techniques, and every one of them perfectly executed.

I came across it in a festival review and I felt for the poor guy who just didn't seem to get what Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV I'll give you a moment to let that settle in If you can relate but somehow feel intrigued, 'This Old Dog' is your perfect entryway into the wacky world of Mac DeMarco.

It seems like everyone's favourite sleaze man is trying to show us that he has grown up, without having lost an inch of his quirkiness. It is okay to be vulnerable sometimes, the songs about his troubled relationship with his father seem to confess, just don't bury your head in the sand.

It's dreamy and reflective but always light-hearted, and will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest. Careful, though, you might feel like you're floating on a cloud. Conceived and recorded entirely by himself in a short period between a relentless tour schedule at his new place in Far Rockaway, Queens, Another One is eight, freshly written songs, expanding the arsenal of Mac's already impressive catalog.

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The overall feeling is lost love, or perhaps love never found, yet Mac embraces this without making it an overly somber experience for the listener. Written and recorded around a relentless tour schedule which picked up all over again as soon as the LP was done , 'Salad Days' gives the listener a very personal insight into what it's all about to be Mac amidst the craziness of a rising career in a very public format.

The lead single, "Passing Out Pieces," set to huge overdriven organ chords, contains lines like ".. Standout tracks like these show Mac's widening sound, whether insights into future directions or even just welcome one-off forays into new territory. Still, this is musically, lyrically and melodically good old Mac DeMarco, through and through. Mac takes things a little only a tiny bit more seriously this time and pulls off his best record yet!

Now, all of six months later, Mac is back with his first proper full length, Mac DeMarco 2.

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With a new arsenal of recording gear, the fidelity has substantially improved without compromising the immediacy and organic quality of his prior releases under any monicker. Even so, the maturation process of Mac DeMarco, recording artist, is in full swing. He did, after all, turn 22 this April. I think it's awesome anyway. Back in stock CoastDream Soft Moon. Back in stock Underground Resistance Calavera Shirt.

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