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The sort of value to associate with an entitlement key depends on the key. Many entitlement keys take Boolean values. Some entitlement keys take a string or an array of strings as a value. Refer to the chapters in this document for specifics on the values to apply to the various entitlement keys. You can send push notifications to users, by way of the Apple Push Notification service APNs , to let users know your app has information for them.

To enable the receiving of such notifications in your app, request the appropriate entitlement within your development and distribution provisioning profiles. You can accept in-app payment for goods and services. You can also access your passes in Wallet. Additional entitlements allow the suppression of the Apple Pay interface when working near NFC or other RF readers, and in-app provisioning of payment cards.

If you are unable to transition your entire app to App Sandbox in a single release, you can employ special temporary-exception entitlements. You set iCloud and App Sandbox entitlement values using Xcode. Remember that you can adjust both the window size and the content area and that they don't necessarily need to be the same.

Also remember that landscape orientation is what users will expect, so it will be more difficult to make a good impression with a portrait-oriented app in the desktop environment.

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Obviously, anything you can download from the Mac App Store has passed the review process, so be sure to download other apps in the same genre as yours, see how they work on the desktop, and consider how you can modify yours to work similarly. For both macOS desktop apps and Win32 desktop apps, Corona's build. Sets how the window should be launched on startup. Supported values include "normal" , "minimized" , "maximized" , or "fullscreen". Default is "normal".

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This can also be set programmatically via the native. This is the region within the borders of the window to which Corona renders. Ideally, this should match or exceed your config. Set this to true to allow the end user to resize the window the window is not resizable by default. Note that if true , you may need to handle Corona's resize event to re-layout your content. This setting only applies if resizable is set to true.

Prevents the user from resizing the window to a width smaller than this value. Note that this represents the width of the region within the borders of the window. If resizable is set to true and this setting is not specified, the window can be resized down to whatever width the OS allows. Prevents the user from resizing the window to a height smaller than this value.

What is APFS? - The Apple File System Explained

Note that this represents the height of the region within the borders of the window. If resizable is set to true and this setting is not specified, the window can be resized down to whatever height the OS allows.

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Enables or disables the window's "close" button enabled by default. If disabled, you must close the window in Lua via native. Note that Corona does not currently trigger an event when the "close" button is clicked. Enables or disables the window's "maximize" button disabled by default. Dragging at the top of the window will move it as with a regular window and clicks in this area do not go to the app. This setting is supported on macOS only.

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Sets the window's title bar text to the specified string no title bar text by default. The default title text can also be set programmatically via the native. You can exclude file s that aren't needed for an macOS desktop app via the build.

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You have been warned. It worked great!

Apple Application Entitlement File (*.entitlements)

The command line tool was correctly signed and I could turn on sandboxing for the main macOS app, and it worked fine. I tried to submit the app to the app store and that is where the wheels came off.

Whenever I submitted the app to the Mac App store with Xcode, Xcode would fail complaining about the command line tool not having an Info. An Info. From the error message, it looks like the app store needs to know the minimum OS version for the binary and needs that info inside the binary itself.

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I knew that you could add in an Info. The tool I was using was outside of Xcode but I could recompile it.

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  4. I found that you could tell GCC to inject a info. After recompiling, the binary now contained the plist but I was getting the same error when submitting to app store. This seemed to work:. I signed the app using the entitlement I had before and it now validated for submission to the app store.