Changing capital letters to lowercase in word mac

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Video of the Day. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Highlight the text you want to change in an application like TextEdit or Notes by dragging the cursor over the text.

Quickly Change to ALL CAPS and/or lowercase in Word

Step 2 Hold down the "Control" key on the keyboard and click the highlighted text. Step 3 Select "Make Upper Case" to change the text to all upper case letters. For example, Dragon recognizes and automatically capitalizes the first word in a sentence, most names and places, and many acronyms.

All Files. Menu Capitalization Dragon automatically capitalizes most words when appropriate. If you need to make adjustments to the capitalization, use these commands. Say Capitalize that to capitalize the last word you dictated.

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If you're using Pages on a Mac instead of Word, this trick won't work. In fact, there is no built-in way to do this exact thing. Why don't they include an All Lowercase option?


Who freaking knows. Now if only I could find out how to do this keystroke, which I've been doing for over 25 years, in Windows 8! Although, I must say I did get a good tip above about going to the Home Tab then clicking change case in the Font group. Not exactly perfect, but it will suffice.