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I am returning a simulator to a seller as I only am using a MacBook Air. Even if I wanted to go through Boot Camp and getting a Windows application I would not actually have enough memory to run RealFlight without having issues.

RC flight simulators

Does anyone know if there is a RC flight sim. Wonder why RealFlight and others have never considered that there is more out there than Windows. Feb 17, , Ken Myers. AeroFly RC7 works on a Mac. Feb 24, , Last edited by thumbs1; Feb 24, at Originally Posted by thumbs1. I already downloaded from the Apple Store. It was free but holly cow each plane was 20 bucks!!!!!!! Went to your link they were 3 bucks. Feb 25, , Originally Posted by skirtz.

Yeah I went to Best Buy and got a controller for the Mac. This one is is usb. They had a Bluetooth one but only listed iPhone and other portables. Nothing mentioned MacBooks. If it will work with the MacBook I will get it since it will run on anthing Apple. I'll find out in the next couple of days. Feb 27, , Have to check that out again. Anyway the wireless controller from Best Buy works on all my apple stuff.


The name of the thing is Stratus XL Skirtz where did you see all the planes for 20 bucks.. I can't find it.

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I may have had it but can't find it now. Last edited by thumbs1; Feb 27, at As with everything else radio control, prices have dropped in recent years making a simulator quite affordable. And with most households now owning - or having access to - modern personal computers and laptops, sims have rocketed in popularity as a sensible and very effective training aid.

Welcome to RealFlight

Modern day rc flight simulators such as Phoenix and RealFlight feature all the popular model aircraft types - planes, helicopters, multi-rotors, gliders and jets. Furthermore, you can try different camera angles including cockpit view. This is an excellent way of getting used to FPV flying , should you be interested in that. Phoenix, since striking a deal with rc product giants Horizon Hobby , feature a lot of Horizon's aircraft from their ParkZone , HobbyZone and E-flite ranges.

This is great news if you actually have one of their models, although you might need to tweak the flight characteristics on the sim to get it flying exactly like your model. And on that note, a good quality sim like Phoenix lets you edit many aircraft and flying site parameters, to suit your own flying style. It's very sad that Phoenix is no longer in production, but if you can get a used one off eBay then do consider it.

Events such as pylon racing, spot landing, balloon bursting and limbo flying are available to really test your skills and online multi-player mode is also a great feature if you have a fast internet connection. Most rc flight simulators feature a virtual flight school where professional rc pilots from the real world teach you everything from basic take off and landing techniques to advanced aerobatic maneuvers.

Each lesson is narrated by the pilot, and TX stick movements are shown so you can see exactly what's happening and when. Below are some screenshots from my Phoenix simulator, these are the kind of images that you can expect from modern rc flight simulators click on images to view larger:. Learning to fly radio control in this safe environment is as realistic as it gets without actually taking a trip to your local flying field.

‎aerofly RC 7 - R/C Simulator on the Mac App Store

And of course it eliminates the dreaded aspect of learning to fly radio control - the damage zone! When learning to fly radio control there's a good chance that your aircraft will get damaged sooner or later, but learning on an rc flight simulator will help minimise those little 'incidents'. Indeed, a big advantage with learning to fly on a sim is that it gets you used to the 'reverse control', or 'reverse co-ordination', which is the term used when the aircraft is flying towards you and the turns become reversed i.

This is an invaluable advantage because reverse control catches so many new rc pilots out in their early days.

Read to Buy the Real Thing?

Another big advantage of owning an rc flight simulator is that there's no excuse not to fly - even when the weather is against you, you can still be practising all those maneuvers from the comfort of home, all the time teaching yourself to become a much better radio control pilot ready for that next trip to the flying field. It's easy to see an rc flight sim as a glorified game consol, and you'd be forgiven for flying your virtual aircraft in as many crazy ways as possible and trying to do the most spectacular crash ever.

But don't! Remember that your sim is there to teach you to fly. When your virtual airplane or helicopter is spinning out of control, imagine that it's your actual aircraft and that it's going to cost you a few hundred bucks if you destroy it. Do all you can to try and recover, and get the aircraft back to earth safely.

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In other words, don't let yourself get in to bad habits on your simulator because these will inevitably follow you onto the flying field. Of course have fun with it and enjoy every moment, but remember why you bought the simulator in the first place, and use it accordingly - as a serious training aid to your flying. Remember - a computer doesn't crash the same way as a model airplane does! If you're serious about rc flying, get an rc flight simulator!

follow url I've talked about Phoenix and RealFlight on this page simply because that's what I have and I can recommend either one. This latter one, AeroFly, is right up there with Phoenix and RealFlight in terms of quality and is - at the time of writing - the only sim which is truly Mac compatible.