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How to Create a Hyperlink for a Bookmark in document in Word 2016

Sign Up. User needs to convert a word doc to a pdf while retaining fonts and active hyperlinks. Machine is a mac and is running High Sierra Start Free Trial. Do more with.

How to Remove Multiple Hyperlinks in Word

View Solutions Only. Verified Expert. Commented: My solution was to save the Word document, then open it with the Mac Pages app. Qian Bao Technical Specialist. Dawn Marie Stanford Sr. Operations Coordinator.

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Author Commented: Start Today! Tim Lapin Computer Consultant Desktop analyst. In both cases, the resultant PDF document had a working link that behaved exactly as the one in the original Word document. I used Preview to view the two PDFs. It seems that a Word document that contains some text that looks like an email address e. I am pretty sure that it is a hyperlink encoded in the PDF. Note - again - that they are never marked or shown as a blue, underlined hyperlink in the Word document itself.

How to Save or Convert Word Doc to PDF on Mac

Only in the PDF they become clickable when you hover over them. Hmm, seems I was wrong and that no link is created.

In case anyone is having this issue in Word with images, when saving as PDF I ran across this when looking for an answer to my embedded images displaying URL's to their original location when the document is converted to PDF. When you save the file as PDF, click the Options button when you're selecting the destination directory and filename.

Uncheck the Document structure tags for accessibility checkblock.

Cannot Convert Word to PDF with Hyperlinks? Solved!

That worked for me. I did not have to update anything in the document itself, but, I do have to disable this checkblock every time I save the document as a PDF the setting isn't persistent.

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If there are already some in the file, you'll have to manually remove them. Listen now.

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