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Fixed an issue with importing certain GPX files with geocaches. Fixed an issue where downloading BirdsEye could cause BaseCamp to crash. Fixed crash that could occur when ejecting a device. Fixed issue where Undo and holding the Alt Key would terminate the current route creation using the Route Tool. Fixed zumo 5x0 and 4x0 route transfer issues. Note that this may cause route transfer issues on the zumo A future firmware update on the will address this issue.

Fixed startup crashes some users were experiencing. Fixed possible track corruption when duplicating and then editing tracks. Fixed loss of photo waypoint thumbnails, added automatic thumbnail recovery when first starting 3.

Connection Issues

Fixed the creation of routes from tracks potentially creating too many via points. Fixed a possible crash when sending routes to the Edge Fixed the error dialog for 3D rendering issues coming up multiple times in a row. Fixed a bug that would mistakenly open some waypoint photo links as web links. Fixed a possible crash when attempting to show a route on the map.

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Fixed Topo Great Britain's display when rotated in 2D. Fixed a possible route profile crash for routes with the same point multiple times. Fixed found address markers being the wrong color. Fixed other miscellaneous bugs. Fixed BirdsEye Imagery with slashes in the name creating directories on the device.

macOS Catalina

This allows the user to have different route and map settings for different activities. Added ability to back up and restore user data. Added support for reading data from. Fit devices like the Edge and and the Forerunner XT. Added support for updating the firmware in Garmin devices. Added heart rate and cadence to the track dialog.

Added the ability to export GDB files. Added analytics to collect application usage statistics. Removed ability to display marine maps in deference to the release of HomePort. Added ability to add and move track points using the selector tool. Changed hand tool to act more like the selector tool when clicking and double clicking on user data and map points. Folder improvements: Added folders and subfolders to allow organization of lists.

Sparkle: open source software update framework for macOS

Add ability to sort user data by date in addition to the current name, type. Find improvements: Scaled find to work better with different kinds of search sources. Added Advanced Find option. Improved tips in Find when no results are found. Map improvements: Added Overview mini map, accessible under the View menu.

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Added tips to the tool pop up about moving waypoints or shaping a route. Added ability to configure which map features POIs and lines to show or hide. Added ability to configure the POI icon size. Added ability to configure the number of labels that are displayed on the map. Improved 3-D view to hide features that are behind terrain.

Improved geocache support: Added ability to configure what is displayed for geocaches on the map: Symbol, Symbol and Id, or Symbol and name. Use the context menu to change settings for more than one at a time. Added support for Opencaching. Added searching for Opencaching. Added the ability to set the z-order draw order of BirdsEye and Garmin custom maps. Note this will only work with new BirdsEye images downloaded for devices with the latest beta firmware.

Improved the ability to track the found status for geocaches. Added the ability to read the geocache visit status from supported GPSs. Added the ability to automatically log found geocaches to Opencaching.

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Improved import of geocaches from a GPX file. Added Date Hidden to Geocache dialog. Fixes: Fixed issue where quitting the application while reading a map from card could cause a crash. Fixed issue where disconnecting a device while it was being read could cause a crash. Fixed rare issue where clicking on the 3-D map with the routing tool could cause a crash.

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Fixed issue where importing GPX file with thousands of identically named waypoints could cause a crash. Change to handle out of memory condition better.

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Changed to not show labels and waypoints that are behind terrain on the 3-D view. Made a change to make map drawing faster. Made a change to preserve the order that waypoints are selected when creating a route from them. Fixed issue that caused finding Public Land Survey areas to not work. Fixed issue where changing preferences could cause a crash Fixed issue where a communications issue could cause application to crash while selecting the BirdsEye imagery to download.

Fixed issue where the buttons on the BirdsEye selection dialog could be disabled incorrectly. Fixed issue where clicking on the find result bubble could cause a crash. Added Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Thai localizations.

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Added ability to select non-rectangular area for BirdsEye download. Added ability to search through all text in user data for specified string. Consolidated POI, address and new user data search. Enhanced display of find results on the map. Added support for custom waypoint symbols, including ability to send and receive symbols to non-mass storage devices like the GPSMap 60 series. Added support for address search on maps read from a device. Made a significant improvement in memory efficiency for BirdsEye images.

Added ability to search for and download Garmin Connect activities. Added ability to transfer tracks to Garmin Connect. Added support for a new plug-in architecture that allows users to added new import and export formats. Added ability to import TCX files. Fixed numerous issues reported from the field.

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Eliminated the redundant sending of routes and tracks to non Mass Storage devices such as eTrex and 60CSx. Reduced the transfer time of BirdsEye Imagery to a device. Added a summary of ascent and descent to tracks and measurements.