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When I write java -version command it shows me the desired version 1.

Step 1: Download the JDK

When you get the correct version when running the java -version it means your setting is correct. In your case it return JDK Additional constraints may be provided to filter the list of JVMs available. By default, if no constraints match the available list of JVMs, the default order is used. The path is printed to standard output. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. On my machine I have the following version of Java.

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Matching Java Virtual Machines 3: Setting default JDK to version 1. About Latest Posts. I am a programmer, a runner, a recreational diver, currently live in the island of Bali , Indonesia. You can support my works by donating here. Latest posts by Wayan Saryada see all How do I clear the current command line in terminal?

Installing OpenJDK 11 on macOS Mojave | Solarian Programmer

Like this: Like Loading How do I pass password to sudo commands? How do I write Hello World in Kotlin? Since then, it has earned a prominent place in the world of computer programming. Java does have some drawbacks. Since it has automated garbage collection, it can tend to use more memory than other similar languages. There are often implementation differences on different platforms, which have led to Java being described as a "write once, test everywhere" system. Lastly, since it uses an abstract "virtual machine", a generic Java program doesn't have access to the Native API's on a system directly.

None of these issues are fatal, but it can mean that Java isn't an appropriate choice for a particular piece of software. See History of Java article section at Wikipedia.

How to Install Intellij IDEA on Mac OS X + Creating First Hello World Java Application

One thing that distinguished Java from some other languages is its ability to run the same compiled code across multiple operating systems. In other languages, the source code code that is written by the programmer , is compiled by a compiler into an executable file.

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Java is different in that it does not compile the code directly into machine language code. Compilation creates bytecode out of the source code. Bytecode generally looks something like this:. The JVM is essentially an interpreter for the bytecode. It goes through the bytecode and runs it. There is virtually no difference for the end-user, but this makes it a lot easier for programmers doing software development. It is distributed by Oracle. It contains the core libraries and compiler required to develop Java.

To download the JDK, go to http: Follow the instructions for downloading the JDK installation file. If you are running Windows, simply run the executable file and follow the installation instructions.

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Unix, Solaris, or Linux: For Linux and Unix, download the "jdk1 6. Save the downloaded file in any drive. Once you have saved the file, extract it to a place that you can remember, by using Terminal or by double clicking on the file. When you have finished extracting the file, copy the JDK 1. You can delete the downloaded zip file so that it doesn't take up space on your drive.

The latest available JDK is automatically installed by the operating system. Because Java for Macintosh is developed and maintained by Apple, in coordination with Sun, the current version on the Macintosh may not be the current version that is available from Sun.

Before writing code, it is recommended that you set the Path variable on your system so you can compile your code more easily. The only drawback is that because Apple handles development and maintenance of Java on the Mac, there is usually a delay from the time that a new version is released by Sun and the time that the new version is released on the Mac. Also, getting the latest version sometimes requires an operating system upgrade. Java programming notes for Macintosh - feedback from new Java programmers. Anytime you learn a computer programming language, it is tradition that the first program you write should be to make your computer say, "Hello World".

Setting Up and Getting Started in Java Programming

This is a small feat, but is a good opportunity to make sure that you installed the JDK properly. The Java compiler reads basic text files. Open up a text editor like Notepad Don't use a complex program like Word for this.