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You can combine navigational and manipulation shortcuts to create and organize collections in your sidebar easily. You can also use these shortcuts in other list views, such as the data editor.

Move Windows to Your Second Monitor on Mac with Keyboard Shortcuts: Spectacle Windows Manager

You can use global shortcuts to perform actions regardless of the element in focus. Postman categorizes keyboard shortcuts as navigation, manipulation, and global. Navigational shortcuts let you move around the interface.

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Manipulation shortcuts let you manipulate the current selection. Global shortcuts let you access from anywhere.

A Mac User’s Guide to Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigational Shortcuts Postman designs navigational shortcuts to help you navigate quickly between elements. Manipulation Shortcuts Manipulation shortcuts allow you to quickly work on your current selection and perform actions such as edit, delete, and duplicate.

Global Shortcuts You can use global shortcuts to perform actions regardless of the element in focus. View keyboard shortcuts for your OS Different operating systems have different shortcuts.

How to Minimize a Window on a Mac

The window should toggle to fill the entire screen but leave the menu bar exposed. Pressing the same keyboard shortcut will toggle it back to the original size. Oddly enough, this keyboard shortcut does not work with Safari…. Just seems normal Intead of finding the tiny green dot in the upper left.

Launching and Quitting Applications

I tried your 4 above, to maximize the window. It made the window too big, and when I tried it again to toggle it back to where it was, the window kept getting bigger.

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That brought things back to normal. Please note that the directions given in the article, to press the same keyboard shortcut again, did not make it toggle back. Also, Apple Support gave me a way to expand the screen properly, although it is not a complete keyboard-only method: Hold the option key while clicking on the green circle at upper left. That does it!