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OpenEmu is about to change the world of video game emulation. One console at a time...

Open Source game-emulation app beta. Overview OpenEmu is about to change the world of video game emulation, one console at a time Features Library - One of the standout features of OpenEmu is how it organizes all your games into one unique, unified games library. Watch as backups of the games ROMs you already own are gracefully added to their appropriate library and box art is magically added. You can even create your own 'collections' mix and matched from different consoles. Version 2. Join over , subscribers. OpenEmu Screenshots. Rate this app:.

Post review. Most helpful. Probably the only emulator that doesn't work on Snow Leopard. No thanks. Like 5. Best of class, by far. Just wish MAME was a key feature. The main problems I see there is a lack of support for analog controllers, which makes many games unplayable.

Unfortunately, the developers seem to be a bit stubborn when asked about adding analog controller support to the MAME core, so I wouldn't expect it to be added any time soon, if at all. Nice emu frontend. But I cannot get Mame roms to work. If anyone can give me some pointers how to get this up and running would be awesome. You have to use the nightly build to play MAME games in experimental mode. The standard 2. Crashes every time I open preferences. Crash was tied to opening them while it was updating all the cores or something.

A good attempt at consolidating all emulators into one app. The database functionality is excellent. But many of the emulator settings are hidden away which makes playing some games that require tweaking difficult. Beautifully polished and excellent for a free app, but still needs work. Definitely worth looking into however. Like 1. Good idea to have the most of the emulators under the same app, but the ROM organization is very limited, there is no way to put the roms under sub-folders nder the each machine's folder. They also could support the MESS too.

Every update is progress, but still unusable as it still won't open compressed rom files other emulators can. My entire genesis collection is in. It shows games in library but they don't even remotely open. Same problem with GBA. Most of those roms it won't even show in library at all. Again those roms work perfectly in any bannister emulator just fine. It seems a lot more work really needs to be done to ensure this emulator can recognize compressed roms or roms with or without headers.

Either expand them or rename them.

Also, you can get help on their IRC channel almost anytime you need it. The forums are active. Tru uncompressing your library. They won't take up much more space. News Mednafen 1. Many are from per-game cache emulation mode changes. All internal Saturn game databases, and their effects, are now documented.


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A future update may implement more correct fixes via global accuracy improvements, depending on how desktop CPU performance develops. Notable changes since 1. Apple2 : Added support for an RGB-style video mode, selectable with the new setting "apple2.

Descargar e instalar emulador de PS1 (PCSXR) para Mac OS X

Apple2 : Added support for custom color palettes using one will automatically enable RGB mode. SS : Fixed hang at end of disc 1 of "Grandia", with horrible per-game hack. SS : Fixed major graphical glitches during gameplay in "Whizz". SS : Fixed many instances of rescue text flickering in "Burning Rangers". SS : Fixed battle text truncation in "Albert Odyssey". SS : Fixed flickering at the start of disc 2 of "Policenauts". SS : Fixed various graphical glitches in "Shunsai". SS : Fixed graphical glitches on the character select screen in "Virtual Mahjong".

SS : Fixed missing title screen, main menu, and gameplay background graphics in "Ronde". SS : Fixed major graphical glitches in the later stages of "Shienryu" when on arcade mode.

PSX Emulator for OS X 10.7?

Mednafen 1. Lynx : Fixed a potential security vulnerability. PCE : Fixed an an old regression from around 0. PS1 : Fixed a regression introduced in 1. SS : Added the European release of "Theme Park" to the internal database of games to use the data cache read bypass kludge with, to fix infinite boredom during the intro FMV. ChangeLog -- 1. January 20, Some hotkeys in the debugger's memory editor weren't being ignored properly when in text entry mode; fixed. Regression introduced in 1. SS: Corrected line-scroll handling in double-density interlaced mode with non-zero LSS; fixes broken background graphics effect in Dural's stage in "Virtua Fighter 2".

December 2, SS: Added "Fighting Vipers" to the internal database of games to use the data cache read bypass kludge with, to fix the problem of the computer-controlled opponent sometimes losing the will to not be a statue. December 1, PSX: Memory cards are now backed up on startup maximum number of backup copies kept for each memory card is 5. MD: Fixed a few errors in the internal automatic multitap database, per tip from clobber. SS: Added setting "ss. November 6, VB: Added the ability to toggle the state of the low battery sensor bit; configure the device on virtual input port 2 e.

November 2, PSX: Don't set the autopause track test value unless autopause is enabled; fixes missing music in "Pitball".

October 28, The settings management code will now throw an exception if a floating-point setting is NaN. Fixed a crash that occurred when "debugger. October 8, Dropped support for "game set" hashes used to change the naming of save state and save game files. The feature was mostly broken by changes made years ago, and is redundant now with M3U support. Save game files for multi-disc PC-FX games created in previous versions of Mednafen will need to be renamed to be seen by this and newer versions of Mednafen.

Other files, including save states, should generally be unaffected, unless the user has changed filesys. Removed usage of the deprecated "register" keyword in some old code. In addition to nonvolatile memory backup files as before, any missing directories in the file path for input-recording movies, save states, screen snapshots, and nonvolatile memory files are now created as necessary, to increase the versatility of the filesys. Emulation modules' loading of files referenced from the main file being loaded is now done through its associated VFS.

September 30, Modified usage of std::swap in OwlResampler. Reworked FileStream. GBA: Fixed a regression introduced in 0.

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Moved multithreading management code into the core. Encapsulated most ish core Mednafen code in the "Mednafen" namespace. Slightly improved the quality of audio output by SwiftResampler when running at the higher quality settings. September 22, Moved NES audio resampler so it can be used by any emulation module, and renamed it to "SwiftResampler". It shouldn't have any particularly noticeable end-user effects, other than slightly different startup performance assuming no mistakes were made :p.