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Tom is thrilled to be named best man, but is discouraged when he learns Andy has several "best men". Ben gets tired of living in a hotel and moves in with April and Andy, only to discover their place is filthy and they do not know how to take care of themselves. He resolves to teach them how to be adults, which April initially resists because she does not want to lose her individuality. The game causes a big fight when April reveals she likes another band more than Andy's, and April reluctantly seeks advice from Ann about how to make amends with him.

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April ends the fight and proves her appreciation for Andy by performing one of his songs in city hall. Ron and Ann give Andy and April the unusual wedding present of fixing everything that's broken in their house, including what Andy refers to as "shock wire". In " End of the World ", April helps Andy complete his "bucket list" before the world ends.

One of them is to 'become an action star'. To do this, he revives his alter ego, FBI agent Burt Macklin, to rescue Janet Snakehole from the evil clutches of his arch-nemesis Mikhail Petrov, played by unwilling participant Jerry. Another is to see the Grand Canyon, but when he and April arrive there after a spontaneous road trip it is implied that he was actually thinking of Mount Rushmore. In " Smallest Park ", at Ron and April's encouragement, Andy wants to improve himself and decides to take college classes.

He mentions that he never graduated college because he "never 'attended' it.

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In " Campaign Ad ", April and Andy visit the doctor, where Andy gets various medical issues checked out. Andy prepares for his final womens' studies exam, which he passes, in " Lucky ". After some investigative work, he discovers the assailant was actually aiming for Ben, and realizes former Sewage Department employee Joe Fantringham was the perpetrator. At the end of the season, April and Andy are attempting to figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Andy is determined to find himself a new career. April realizes that his list of dream jobs all have to do with law enforcement, and encourages him to try to become a police officer. During the fifth season, Andy continues to pursue his ambition to become a police officer, routinely seeking help from others to better his chances of passing the police academy entrance exams, notably asking Chris to help him get fit enough to pass the police physical. His marriage with April is not strained by the long-distance between them, frequently sending her and receiving from her care packages some filled with his laundry , as well as visiting her in Washington, DC.

Andy helps April take over the parks department while Leslie is working at the city council, including letting April be herself and not acting like Leslie. During his police exam, Andy ends up passing his written test with a perfect score, but failing his personality test since he answers all the questions very personally and not in a cop's mindset.

Afterwards he is depressed since he is not fit to be a cop. When April, Tom and Andy are invited to help Ben pick out a charity for the Sweetums Foundation, Andy has good ideas by selecting the Redwood Valley Music program, cutting back on costs, like fancy foods and large office space to nail more charities.

Ben asks Andy to be his assistant, which Andy accepts. Andy spends the early part of season 6 in England attending to Sweetum's charity work. He lost 50 pounds after giving up beer. He briefly returns to Pawnee, but does not want to return to England until April convinces him to go back.

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When he returns for good, he constantly falls asleep due to the time difference between Pawnee and London. When Craig Middlebrooks asks him to perform for his nephew's birthday, Andy discovers he has a knack for children's entertainment, and April encourages him to pursue it as a career path under the name "Johnny Karate.

The prominent business man Eddy met in Season 6 knights Andy during the finale of Johnny Karate's show.

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Meanwhile, April laments her marriage to him as she feels they'll become boring in their old age. There will be no smoking permitted in any other Theatre areas.

source Effective March 9, on show nights parking in the Foellinger Theatre parking lot in Franke Park as well as the overflow parking lot adjacent to the Theatre is reserved for customers who are ticketed for the show. Violators may be ticketed or towed. Alcohol is only allowed to be consumed within the Theatre facility not in the parking lot. Portable grills are not allowed in designated parking lot areas. Tickets purchased on-line will be mailed to you the next business day.

Tickets may also be purchased over the telephone by calling Please note: Wheelchair accessible tickets and companion tickets are not available for purchase online. Please call in advance or after 6 pm day of show to purchase.

A map of the parking lot including designated ADA spots is now available. Take our on-line Theatre survey today and let us know about your experience at Foellinger Theatre. Contact: Tim Byers, Theatre Manager, You need JavaScript enabled to view it. She is a feminist warrior, a boss ass bitch, and—dare I say it—the backbone of our nation.

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These may seem like large shoes for a fictional character to fill, but Leslie fills them with ease. And they are the kind of shoes that are both sensible and classy. The kind Meryl Streep would wear on a date. You just need to feed her waffles frequently and let her shine through so that you, too, can become a boss ass bitch. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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